About Us

Meticular is a team of product design experts that thrive in UX minutia, so you don’t have to.

More than ever, businesses are using software as their primary driver of revenue. The problem is, it’s hard to know exactly what users want. That’s why so many companies resort to guessing, which is expensive and wastes time.

At Meticular, we don’t trust our gut and we don’t ask you to either. Our proven process relies heavily on research and user testing. We get it wrong before launch, course correct and get it right when it really counts.

And we love to collaborate. You can plug Meticular in as your UX Department, and we’ll help you develop a strategy, design your user experience, and optimize your product. We’ll also set you up for long term success by establishing new design systems, processes, and cultures to help you grow your own UX team.

One of our core beliefs at Meticular is that better software experiences lead to better life experiences. They might not seem connected, but the care and attention we apply to our UX is reflected in our users' lives. We want users to feel that your app was designed just for them, because only then can we build an ecosystem that users are truly proud to be a part of. So contact us today and let’s get started.