Design Accelerator

Get user-validated, beautiful designs in two weeks

92% of SaaS companies, that grow 20 percent annually, will cease to exist within a few years.

McKinsey Study

The bottom line? You need to grow, and you need to grow fast. So don’t waste your time developing an app without doing UX best practices and testing it with real people.

We want to give your product the best chance of launching successfully. We’ve taken the design process that leads to higher user adoption rates, cut out the fluff, and optimized it to take only two weeks.

After a Design Accelerator, you can launch your MVP with confidence that users will love it. You can focus on growing instead of rehashing how your product works.

The Design Accelerator is
Best For

B2B SaaS Products

Web and Native Apps

1-2 Person Start-Up Teams

Creating your first MVP


2 Weeks



Recordings of User Testing sessions


Figma prototype of your product

Developer Ready

Figma design files ready to give any developer to start coding

Ryan Kell

Founder & CTO at Bloo Kanoo

We knew the features and the basic functionalities that we wanted to deliver to customers, but really having you guys come in and help us present that in the right way to our customers was immensely helpful.

What to Expect when you purchase a Design Accelerator

We want to make sure we can help you achieve success. The link below will take you to a 3-minute questionnaire we’ve created to help us know if we can. We’ll review your response and get back to you within the day.

If it looks like you’ll benefit from a Design Accelerator, we’ll send over an email with a few beginning steps:

  • A contract and an NDA you can sign digitally
  • A link to upload more details about your app. This could be anything from a requirements document to simple wireframes.
  • A link to schedule a 1-hour kickoff meeting

If you have a product idea but haven’t documented how your app will function, you can add on a Microsprint to this service.

This process is all about speed. So we have to start recruiting users to test right away. It’s best to have potential customers test the UX. After our kickoff meeting, we’ll send you an email template and easy instructions for recruiting users for our test.

We take everything from prework and kickoff and design your app. We reference studies and research to make data-based design decisions. On design days, we ask that you’re available to respond to our messages so we can get your feedback and approval on the overall design as we go.

During this step, we prep our designs for testing. This process involves using Figma to link the static design screens together. With Figma we can “fake” most of your app functionality in a fraction of the time it would take to develop. Rather than prototype every function, we stick to the primary things a user will do in the app.

While we use data to create the designs, a first draft is never perfect. To find holes in our thinking, we’ll put our prototype in front of real people and see how they interact with it. We have a proven methodology to help us uncover any problem areas. We recommend some changes based on our findings, and we record each user test so you can watch them later.

We make changes to the design based on our user test findings. We’ll present our work to you for a final review. At the end of the two weeks, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to hand off the designs to a dev team. We’ll even include 4 hours of support for meetings to help with the hand-off.

Ready to Get Started?

Design Accelorator

2 weeks

  • Recordings of user testing sessions
  • Figma prototype of your product
  • Figma design files ready to give any developer to start coding