Design Subscription

Embed our team as your on-demand UX department

Software developers spend 40-50% of their time on avoidable rework.

IEEE Spectrum

You want great product design, but don’t have enough work to justify a full-time UX designer. That’s where we come in. We’re a small team, with big experience, that will be your UX design department.

While reaching your product goals, we’ll help you build an enterprise-grade UX foundation so that when you scale your UX team, you do it right the first time.

A Design Subscription is
Best For

Web and Native Saas Products

Businesses without full-time UX designers

Businesses with 1-2 designers that need UX leadership and processes

Improving, rebuilding or adding to existing software


1 Month


Deliverables depend on the initiatives chosen.

See the list below.

Deedee Olsen

Former VP of Product at IdeaCloud

James and team at Meticular have leveled up the UX/UI competency and Customer Experience strategy of my product team in spades. He has helped me be a stronger product leader and several teams in our org look to his expertise to better experience across the board. We are beyond excited to see one of our best partners growing so quickly! This is one to watch! Follow now, before he is too famous and busy to help you too! 😁

What to Expect when you purchase a Design Subscription

A Design Subscription is flexible and straightforward. For a fixed monthly price, our team will help you achieve your UX goals. Each month we’ll do the following:

At the beginning of each month, we’ll meet and determine what initiatives (see back) we’ll focus on for the month. We’ll ask a lot of questions about your current needs, what the plan is for the future, and the KPI’s we’ll measure to ensure success. We’ll make recommendations on how we can help and work with your team.

We’ll embed ourselves with the rest of your product team. We’ll participate in sprints and standups, get into your communication app of choice, and get to work. In order to launch successful products, we work closely with you, your development team, and other stakeholders.

We’ll be your UX department. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We’ll help build a culture of UX best practices as a foundation for your scaling team. Not only will we work on different parts of your software, but we’ll keep your overall business’s UX in mind. This way when you need to create a new feature or product, it will look and feel like it belongs in your line-up.

Monthly Initiatives

Our pricing is broken down by initiatives. Initiatives are UX best practices that will help us deliver the result you’re looking for with your products. At the end of each month you’ll have deliverables in hand based on the initiatives we agree on.

Product Discovery

Facilitate design sprints, conduct stakeholder and customer interviews, research competitors, and help solidify requirements with a user-centered approach.

UX Strategy

Create a clear picture of your current UX, where you want your UX to be, and what it will take to get there.


Design low-fidelity wireframes to align the team on information architecture and functionality before doing a more time-intensive design process.

UX/UI Design

Design your responsive web app or native mobile app using our data-based processes.


Rapidly prototype app functionality for testing with users, getting approval from stakeholders, and handoff to developers.

User Testing

Conduct usability testing with our prototypes to make sure we’re hitting the mark with the app before spending time in development.

Design Systems

Audit your digital assets, create guidelines, and gather components into a place so your entire team can create user experiences that feel like they belong together.

Front-End Development

Develop UX/UI designs to work exactly as planned using anything from HTML and CSS to React.

Analytics & Optimizing

Setup analytics to track key user behaviors, then review tracked data to optimize your app’s performance.

Ready to Get Started?

1-2 Initiatives


  • Up to 2 Daily Standups / Week
  • Up to 2 Review Sessions / Month
  • We’ll work out of our design software and code repos
  • Access to our expert team
  • No long-term commitment
  • Fixed price - no change orders

2-4 Initiatives


  • Up to 5 Daily Standups / Week
  • Up to 4 Review Sessions / Month
  • We’ll work out of your design software and code repos
  • Access to our expert team
  • Access to our expert team
  • Fixed price - no change orders