In one afternoon, turn your idea into a map for an MVP

75% of IT Executives and their teams admit that their projects are either always or usually “doomed right from the start.”


You don’t need to be part of the 75%. If the only documentation backing your project is a list of ideas or a pile of technical documentation even you don’t want to read, you’ll launch a product that users won’t adopt.

In one afternoon we'll run a workshop with you to document your product requirements from a user perspective. Our Microsprint workshop consists of industry best-practice activities taken and abbreviated from Google Design Sprints. We’ll work with you to define the actual MVP of the release so we understand what needs to be done before your target launch date.

A Microsprint is Best For

Web and Native Apps

Adding New Features to Existing Apps

Busy teams that can’t take a full week for a 
design sprint

Teams on a tight deadline for release


4 Hours


Finalized Requirements

Finalized product requirements any product team could work from

Design Feature List

A prioritized list of features to be designed any designer could work from

Shareable Vision

A clearer idea of the finish line for your launch date

Duane Ellsworth

Founder at Stipender

Our team had an idea of what we wanted to provide to our consumer but it wasn't until after the microsprint with [Meticular] that we had a clearer vision, that was written down in front of us, of how we could bring our product to the customer. [Meticular] was able to navigate us from idea all the way to a MVP in just a couple hours and he was able to touch on all aspects of the journey in between.

What to Expect when you purchase a Microsprint

After purchasing, you’ll receive link to our Microsprint intake form. The form will ask you a few questions to give us a baseline coming into the meeting. After completing the form, you’ll be able to schedule a time for a 30-minute kickoff zoom call.

In this zoom call, we’ll review your form submission to make sure we’re on the same page heading into the workshop. We’ll walk through our workshop agenda and answer any questions you have to make sure it’s a great experience. After this call, you’ll receive a link to schedule your 4-hour workshop.

This is where the magic happens. With your team of up to 4 people, we’ll run through our Microsprint activities. This workshop is intense, hands-on, and condensed in order to accomplish a week’s worth of progress in one afternoon. So we require that you block the time off your calendar and everyone on the team comes ready to focus. Because of our software tools, you’ll have your deliverable right away when the workshop is done.

Ready to Get Started?


1 Afternoon

  • Finalized Product Requirements in a format anyone can read
  • Prioritized list of features to be designed
  • A clearer idea of the finish line for your launch date