5 min

3 Things You Can Do to Improve EMR and EHR User Experience

A great user experience can help healthcare pros work more efficiently. Here are a few UX best practices for EMRs or EHRs that can help save time and money.

5 min

How to Thrive as an Agile Department in a Waterfall Company

Being an Agile department in a waterfall organization is full of challenges. Here are three things you can do to bridge the gap and help your team thrive.

5 min

Where to Start with a Product Redesign

Facing a product redesign but not sure where to start? Here are three things you can do to ensure a smoother process and better outcomes.

10 min

Top Things to Consider in UX Design for EdTech Products

When designing for EdTech, UX designers need to keep in mind both the educators and students. Learn what top design considerations you need to know.

10 min

Understanding Data Privacy Laws & Why Data Privacy is Important

Data privacy laws are important for businesses to consider when collecting personal user data. See what you need to know about privacy and collecting user data.

18 min

Choosing the Right Product Prioritization Framework for Your Business

Product managers have many things to consider when choosing a prioritization framework. Learn about the top techniques and pros and cons of each.

6 min

How to Streamline Designer to Developer Handoff and End Team Friction

How can you streamline designer to developer handoff and end the friction between these teams for good? Here are four tactics you can start using today.

5 min

Recruiting Participants for Usability Testing

In user experience, it's crucial to test your software and collect user feedback throughout the design process. Learn what to consider before you recruit the best users for research — and how to go about it.

11 min

Developing a User Adoption Strategy When Designing Software

Improving user adoption rates is important for any software design project. Learn what you need to consider when developing a user adoption strategy.

7 min

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing for FinTech Apps

UX designers need to understand the complexities of the FinTech industry when designing mobile apps. Learn what you need to consider for FinTech app design.

7 min

What Is a Reasonable Timeline for Digital Transformation?

The time it takes to implement a digital transformation can seem daunting. Find out what a reasonable timeline is and how you can reduce your time to market.

7 min

How to Calculate the ROI of Your Company’s Technology

Showing ROI for a digital technology investment can seem daunting, but it’s necessary to help sell your project. Learn how to calculate ROI and more.

10 min

23 Data-Driven Design Statistics Every Product Manager Should Know

To help you sell the value of digital transformation, we’ve put together 23 useful UX statistics that show the importance of investing in UX design to grow your product’s revenue.

7 min

Should You Hire a Design Agency or an Independent Contractor?

Should you hire a UX design agency or an independent contractor to design your next digital transformation project? Find out the pros and cons of each option.

7 min

What You Need to Consider When Vetting a Digital Transformation Consulting Firm

Finding the right digital transformation consulting firm can mean the difference between success and failure. Learn what you need to know before hiring a firm.